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 Monday 18th June 2020

This week, children attending school have been completing work on our core value of 'DIVERSITY'. The focus this week has been on being kind to each other and treating each other as individual characters instead of judging each other collectively. Being kind to all means showing no discrimination to anybody and treating people fairly and how we would like to be treated.

Monday 1st June 2020



Something Inside So Strong (Hatcham Version)


Monday 22nd May 2020

This week has been Mental Health Awareness week and the theme has been 'kindness'. Children have explored different ways in which we can show 'kindness' including being kind to ourselves, to others and to our environment. Art was used as a central theme and quotes were designed and art made from plastic. 


On Wednesday, it was National Thank Your Teacher day....teachers and school leaders work so hard at school and behind the scenes and they are so self-sacrificing and serious about what they do...it's lovely to have a day set aside so we can dedicate our appreciation to all teachers. And since we have been off school, your parents have become teachers so I hope you told them 'thank you' too:) 




Monday 11th May 2020

Image preview


Monday 4th May 2020

As part of their PSHCE task for this week, Sophia, Amana and Alexandra all joined forces and made this advice poster about stress. Thank you girls for this wonderful advice and well done for your excellent design and collaborative skills!!!


Monday 27th April 2020

The winners of the PSHCE competition 'Coronavirus-Keeping Safe' have been chosen by Miss Gyimah.

The winners are:

Gary, 3HX


Sophia, 5HX

Congratulations children! Enjoy your vouchers!!!!


Friday 24th April 2020

Happy Friday! This week has been busy. Miss Campbell ran a competition for PSHCE. Children had to design a poster about the Coronavirus. Well done to all the children who sent in their entries. They were all fantastic! The winners were meant to be announced today, however, children have still been sending in posters so we have extended the deadline until Monday 27th April 2020. The three lucky winners will get a £5 gift voucher from Amazon. 

It was St. George's day yesterday. Check out this amazing poster by Amana, 5HX:


Absolutely beautiful, Amana! And as it that wasn't enough amazing art for the week, look at this colourful and eye-catching rainbow created by Rebecca, Lewis and Finlay!!!!

Again, fantastic job!
As part of their Year 4 Easter project, the children were asked to research and design their own globes or posters based on our new topic 'Blue Planet'. Below you can see lovely work from the children in 4HX.
It is great to see that although we are not in the classroom, the children are still being engaged, productive and creative with their school work. Good job and a 'Well done, me!'


Monday 20th April 2020

Thank you to all the families who have been sending in pictures of work and activities being completed. You are all doing an amazing job: staying positive, playing music, keeping active, being creative....the list goes on!!! This week, you have been CREATING. Creating sound....using design and technology skills to CREATE something new...creating exercise routines and most importantly, creating the atmosphere and environment needed to get all of your school work completed!

So this week is all about CREATION. If you have created something that you are particularly proud of, why not send it to Miss Campbell at n.campbell@haaf.org.uk. Tom and Joseph have sent you all a beautiful postcard to read to let you know what they have been getting up to...





Character Drawing Challenge

As author and illustrator of the How To Train Your Dragon books, who better than Cressida Cowell to come back and introduce our week 4 family challenge?

We want your family to draw your favourite character from the book you read together for last week’s Reading Challenge. If you couldn’t take part last week, don’t worry you can still join in; pick your favourite character from your favourite book, or pick a new book and read it together now.

Grab your pens and paper and get drawing!  Use your imagination and be as creative as possible, then share a photo of your illustration with us on Twitter at @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars, or email us at PLPrimaryStars@premierleague.com.

Friday 17th April 2020

It's the end of the fourth week of the lockdown. Thank you to all the children that have sent in pics and messages for our message board. This week, some children have been baking and keeping fit. Thank you to Scarlett in Year 2 who has designed her own P.E workout routine. Watch out Joe Wicks!





Also, today was a fantastic day as the National Youth Orchestra organised 164 musicians to join together to perform the classic Beethoven piece 'Ode to Joy' in a show of solidarity, dedicated to everyone in need of a "musical pick-me-up". Check out this YouTube video featuring Mrs Freeburn and Co. Enjoy!




Monday 13th April 2020

What amazing pics and messages are being sent in! Thank you to our parents/ carers who have dedicated their time and energy to contribute massively to our message board . It has been encouraging to see children making the most of their time at home with activity-packed days. Well done to our Year 2 HTG friend who has been managing to fit in his writing sessions, his bicycle exercise AND his guitar practice. Mrs Freeburn will be overjoyed! Please spread the word about our message board  if you can so we can add even more fantastic content created by yourselves!

Check out  this montage of some of the Year 1 children playing with google 3D animals. I hope this brings a smile to all of your faces!




Start Listening 


 Friday 10th April 2020

Wow! It is the end of the first week of the Easter holidays. Thank you to all the families who have sent in pics and messages. To all the parents, you are doing a fantastic job keeping the children educated, entertained and most importantly....happy! This week, HTG children have been completing jigsaw and crossword puzzles independently!!! It's so essential for us all to keep the brain active and challenged! There are always positives that come out of a negative situation. It is good to hear that parents and carers feel that their families have become closer since the lockdown started!!!! If you have any positives to share, please email Miss Campbell at n.campbell@haaf.org.uk. Look after yourselves and each other! X



Monday 6th April 2020

A new week! A new opportunity to be brave and strong!! We must try our best to persevere and remain positive in a very challenging time. If you can, please share with us any images or videos of any work you may have done or be proud of or even an uplifting message for everyone...maybe you've been learning a new life skill. Please let us know!!! You can send any of these ideas to Miss Campbell at n.campbell@haaf.org.uk. She will upload what you send on a Monday or a Friday.

Now this week, some of your school peers have been carrying out home (where else) science experiments independently, creating a phone using a tin and a rope and helping to keep younger siblings educated and entertained. Others have been creating beautiful artwork (see below):



                                                                                                                                 Hannah , Year 4




Friday 3rd April 2020


Thank you to the parents who offered the tuck shop idea last week! So many parents have commented on what a good idea it is:)

This week, one of our talented Year 5 students found a recipe for profiteroles online:

'He calculated how to reduce the recipe to serve six rather than eight. He then made them completely independently - and they were delicious!'-a proud mum


Monday 30 March 2020

Coping Calendar small


Friday 27 March 2020

 It's the end of week one of the lockdown and it is fantastic to see children having as much fun as is possible in these circumstances. 

Children from Reception and Year 1 classes have been reading a new book everyday! Mrs Johonnett will be so happy and proud! They have been reading Mr. Men books and listening to David Walliam's free daily dose of audio books. As well as that, these inspirational children have been doing yoga sessions and trampoline sessions dedicated to Mr Eccles!  They have even set up a tuck shop where they get treats for completing different chores around the house, including washing their daddy's car. Awwww! And to top it all off, they have been studying their core subjects and made Easter buntings. 

They may be two of the youngest members of our school but they sure are inspirational and the images are uplifting. Thank you to these children's parent for their fantastic contributions and commitment to continuing the learning at home. 

Check them out below:






 To share your experiences, photo and videos, please email Miss Campbell at n.campbell@haaf.org.uk. If you don't want to send images or videos, then an uplifting message or quote would be welcome! Please spread the word about this page as it would be great to have a sense of community on our website with all that is going on!