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Take a look at some comments from Parents and Carers from our Open Days in 2022:

We were blown away by our tour guide who was a student at the school. We could feel the empowerment the school gives the children, arming them with a great education and instilling a sense of self-worth and confidence. The school curriculum along with the additional enrichment programme were second to none, led by an exemplary Headteacher. We feel our child would really thrive in this school.


On the day of our visit to this school my daughter really liked the surroundings and wanted to start school straight away.  I was also blown away by the students that show us around the school and all the information they had about the school. The school also offer a lot of extra curriculum activities for the children and German as an extra language in their school.


I’m aware of this school’s exceptional quality of teaching which is evidenced by Ofsted’s outstanding rating, and the recommendations of friends/parents who have children who proudly attend this school.


Greatly impressed by the extra-curricular support and eloquent pupils on our visit.


We were positively impressed by the Headteacher and the teachers met at the open day.


We have heard only good things about this school. We only want the best start for our children as possible.


This seems to be a truly exceptional school and we're sure would offer an incredibly sound educational bedding for my child's future. The grounds, teachers and pupils were all a joy to see.


The teachers are very friendly; the school is very nice and clean! My son likes music and here he will have the opportunity to star playing to a musical instrument! We love this place!


We were very impressed with Hatcham Primary In addition to its rigorous curriculum, impressive performance results, strong support services for students and the diversity of its students, we were drawn to (1) the incredible music curriculum and (2) that German is the language taught.