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Hatcham Temple Grove


Letters 2020/2021

Whole School Letters
Our School Name and Branding July 2022
Level 4 Red Weather Warning Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July 2022
Letter to Primary Parents from Ms Shadick July 2022
HTG Joss Bay Trip June 2022
HTG Parent Open Sessions March 2022
Letter to Parents Regarding Ukraine March 2022
HTG School Closure December 2021
HTG COVID-19 New Temporary Measures 2021
Reporting a Child's Absence
HTG Flu Letter for Reception to Year 6
CEO Letter to Pupils 06/09/2021
Tax-Free Childcare and Voucher Payments
Letter to Parents and Carers 02/09/2021 from our CEO
Accompanying letter for BC and ASC Bookings and HTG Breakfast Club and After School Club Booking Guide
School Opening September 2021
HTG BC and ASC Pricing Change September 2021
EYFS Letters (Nursery and Reception)
Reception to Year 1 Transition Meeting July 2022
Reception to Year 2 Scootability Sessions March 2022
EYFS Writing Workshop March 2022
HTG Nursery Closure December 2021
Early Years Nativity Performances December 2021
EYFS Curriculum Workshop December 2021
Reception Reading Parent Workshop October 2021
EYFS Phonics Parent Workshop October 2021
KS1 Letters (Year 1 and Year 2)
Transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 July 2022
Year 1 Trip to Science Museum June 2022
Reception to Year 2 Scootability Sessions March 2022
Year 1 Parent Phonics Meeting March 2022
Oval Klasse Meet the Teacher Meeting March 2022
Year 2 Online SATS Meeting February 2022
Year 2 Trip to The Monument 08/02/2022
Mrs McStay’s Maternity Cover
KS1 Nativity Performances December 2021
KS2 Letters (Year 3 to Year 6)
Year 6 Production July 2022
Year 4 Trip to the Science Museum July 2022
HTG Secondary School Applications for 2023
3HX Trip to Covent Garden Station June 2022
Year 3 Swimming Lessons June and July 2022
Year 4 Multiplication Check May 2022
Year 6 Knife Crime Awareness June 2022
Year 6 Parent Information Meeting 2022
KS2 SATS Letter to Parents May 2022
Year 4 Swimming Lessons April and May 2022
Year 3 Dyslexia Screening March 2022
Year 5 Museum of London Trip February 2022
Year 3 Trip to Science Museum 03/02/2022
Year 6 After School Craft Club January 2022
Year 3 Swimming Lessons February and March 2022
Year 6 Swimming Reassessment Sessions January and February 2022
KS2 Christmas Carol Concert December 2021
Year 6 Booster Letter November 2021
Instrumental Lessons for all Year 4 Children
Year 3 Recorder Lessons 2021-2022
HTG Secondary School Applications for 2022
Year 5 and Year 6 Home Alone September 2021

Letters 2020/2021

Whole School Letters

Letter from CEO, Jan Shadick 28-05-2021
HTG - Lifting of Restrictions - Change to School Times May 2021
CEO Letter to Parents and Carers 1st April
Information for Parents regarding COVID19 Contact Tracing over the Easter holiday period
CEO Letter to all Parents and Carers Friday 12th March
HTG Final Arrangements for Reopening on Monday 8th March
HTG-Taking Inclusion to the Next Level March 2021
HTG Reopening of School - Monday 8th March 2021
End of term email to Parents and Carers 12/02/2021
Safeguarding Support for Parents and Carers
HTG Opening of School January 2021
HTG Class Parties December 2020
Flu Vaccine 25th November 2020
Monson Road - Drop off and Collection October 2020
Jeans for Genes Day September 2020
CEO Welcome Letter September 2020
HTG Full School Reopening for September 2020
HTG Procedure for Drop-off Collection for September 2020
EYFS Letters (Nursery and Reception)
HTG Nuffield Early Language Intervention
EYFS Phonics Online Q&A
EYFS Curriculum Online Q&A
KS1 Letters (Year 1 and Year 2)
Phonics Assessment October 2020
KS2 Letters (Year 3 to Year 6)
Year 6 School Journey to Thorpe Park June 2021
Year 4 Dyslexia Screening May 2021
Year 3 Recorder Letter December 2020
Year 6 Booster Sessions Letter October 2020
HTG Year 6 SATs Information Evening October 2020
HTG Year 6 Assembly and Q&A Session for Parents
Secondary School Applications for 2021


Letters 2019/2020

Whole School Letters
HTG Summer Holiday - Letter to Parents

Meet My New Teacher Letter June 2020

Black Lives Matter - Message from Ms Gyimah

Reopening HTG - Please Read May 2020

Extension of Free School Meals - NRPF and FSM Application Form

Phased Reopening of HTG 22nd May 2020

Government Announcement 11th May 2020

Online Learning at HTG 23rd April 2020

HTG Easter Break Check In April 2020

HTG Week 2 Check in 3rd April 2020

HTG Week 1 Check in - Remote Learning 27th March 2020

FSM Support - Sainsbury's Vouchers March 2020

HTG Change of Site for School Provision March 2020

Learn at Home Timetable

HTG School Closure Update

Coronavirus Update - 17th March 2020

Letter from Miss Gyimah - COVID-19

Easter Lunch Poster 2020

HTG World Book Day March 2020 and World Book Day Token Letter

Coronavirus Letter February 2020 and Coronavirus Fact Sheet February 2020

Social Media Permission Letter January 2020

Winter-Easter Parent Help December 2019

Christmas Lunch Order November 2019

Childcare Choices October 2019

Medical Needs September 2019

EYFS Letters (Nursery and Reception)
EYFS Nativity December 2019
Nursery Parents Evening Letter November 2019
RHX Parents Evening November 2019
RHY Parents Evening November 2019
EYs, KS1 Harvest Festival October 2019
Phonics Workshop October 2019
EYFS Curriculum Workshop October 2019
KS1 Letters (Year 1 and Year 2)
Y2 to Y3 Uniform June 2020-2021 and Y2 to Y3 School Dinners June 2020-2021
Year 1 Phonics Screening Letter February 2020
KS1 Nativity November 2019
Year 2 SATS Meeting November 2019
1HX Visit to Florence Nightingale Museum November 2019
1HY Visit to Florence Nightingale Museum November 2019
1HX Parents Evening November 2019
1HY Parents Evening November 2019
2HX Parents Evening November 2019
2HY Parents Evening November 2019
EYs, KS1 Harvest Festival October 2019
Meet the Teacher 1-3 September 2019
KS2 Letters (Year 3 to Year 6)
11+ Selection Tests – Deadlines for Registration
Year 6 Leavers Letter - June 2020
KS2-KS3 Carol Service December 2019
KS2 Christmas Concert December 2019
KS2 Winter Concert November 2019
Prefects Perspective Parents Open Evening November 2019
3HX Parents Evening November 2019
3HY Parents Evening November 2019
4HX Parents Evening November 2019
4HY Parents Evening November 2019
5HX Parents Evening November 2019
5HY Parents Evening November 2019
6HX Parents Evening November 2019
6HY Parents Evening November 2019
Y3 Trip to St Mary's Church October 2019
Y3-Y6 Harvest Festival October 2019
Year 6 Parents SATS Meeting October 2019
Dyslexia Pre Screener Letter September 2019
Y6 PGL Meeting September 2019
Home Alone Letter September 2019
Meet the Teacher 4-6 September 2019