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Statutory Assessments

2022/23 Academic Year

Statutory assessment plays an important role in ensuring that every child is supported to leave primary school prepared to succeed. In specific years groups (Reception baseline, Year 1, Year 2, Year 4 and 6) all children will sit the same statutory assessment. The primary assessment system has been reformed to help teachers to raise standards, and to give every child the best chance to master reading, writing and arithmetic, which are fundamental in preparing the children for their next stage in education (secondary school). Please see below, when the statutory assessments take place.

Reception Baseline Assessment

Schools must complete the reception baseline assessment for each child in the first 6 weeks after they enter reception.


Key Stage 1  

The key stage 1 tests should be administered during May 2023.

Date Activity
May 2023 Key Stage 1 test period
Week Commencing Monday 12th June 2023  Phonics screening check week


Key Stage 2

Date Activity
Tuesday 9th May English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
Wednesday 10 May                                                   English reading
Thursday 11 May         Mathematics papers 1 (arithmetic) & 2 (reasoning)
Friday 12 May Mathematics paper 3 (reasoning)


Multiplication Tables Check

Schools should administer the multiplication tables check within the 3-week period from Monday 5th June 2023.


Parent Meetings

Year 6 SATS and PGL Meeting - Thursday 10th November 2022

year 6 sats and pgl 2022 2023.pdf

Year 2 SATS Meeting - Tuesday 10th January 2023

year 2 sats 2022 2023.pdf