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Pupil Leadership

Prefect Leadership

Head Boy

Deputy Head Boy

Samuele and William

Head Girl


Deputy Head Girl

Aleezah and Khloe

Heads of House

Red House Captain

Red House Vice Captains

Kishaun, Steven and Samuel 

Green House Captain

Green House Vice Captains


Fareed, Megan and Nina 

Yellow House Captain

Yellow House Vice Captains


Fadil, Jada and Anishka

Blue House Captain

Blue House Vice Captains


Liliana, Tomasz and Violet


Every child belongs to one of the four houses. At Hatcham Primary these are named after British people famous for promoting excellence. A member of staff is the Head of House.


Malorie Blackman (Green)

Miss T Evans

Scarlett - Green House Captain

Lord Alan Sugar (Red)

Ms J Trenchfield

Noah - Red House Captain

Jamie Oliver (Blue)

Ms K Ward

Anya - Blue House Captain

Marcus du Sautoy (Yellow)

Ms M Bannon

Fega - Yellow House Captain



This vertical grouping is a strength of our school and the Houses provide continuity throughout a pupil's school life, as the system continues into secondary at Hatcham College, as well as the opportunity to get to know and to identify with pupils of all age groups. In particular it gives older pupils the chance to relate to younger pupils and to learn skills of leadership.

All members of the Houses are encouraged to participate in a varied programme of House activities. Teamwork underpins many of the sporting competitions such as football, netball or any other activity where pupils are working in groups to achieve a goal. Individual skills are also promoted by house events such as, spelling, current affairs and quizzes. The competitions are held during the school day.

It is hoped that all pupils will derive immense benefit from active involvement in the organisation of, and participation in, House events. All pupils compete to collect house points and the points are announced in assembly each week.



Yellow House Challenge


Blue House Challenge


Red House Challenge


Green House Challenge


The Brilliant Club


The Brilliant Club works with schools and universities across the UK. They mobilise the PhD community to support students who are less advantaged to access the most competitive universities and succeed when they get there.

The Scholars Programme helps students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to progress to the most competitive universities. They share their subject knowledge and passion for learning with small groups of pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 at Hatcham Primary.


Youth Advisory Board

The Trust Youth Advisory Board is formed of a group of 18 children and young people, from each of our primary and secondary schools across Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South. Youth Advisory Board members sit on the board for one school year and are responsible for bringing their school’s perspective into key areas of the Trust’s work. Our Youth Advisory Board members are Alya and Mattia. 

As part of their role members:

  • Attend quarterly meetings to provide comments and feedback on key plans and specific issues before they are taken to the Board of Trustees
  • Work with the Trust and their schools in a variety of ways including attending meetings, sharing feedback and ideas, contributing to social media or speaking at assemblies
  • Work collaboratively with other members to ensure that projects are moved forward


Fighting Against Bullying Ambassadors 

 Our FAB Ambassadors are Lili- Rae, Omar, Maia, Isaac, Jadon, Alfie, Emily, Jubril, Rahil, Samuele, Amirah S and Aleezah. 

The FAB Ambassadors support others and are upstanders against bullying behaviour and are a support network for their peers. They help educate their peers on bullying, shape attitudes and change behaviours.


Our Eco-Warriors are Alya, Violet, Scarlett, Nina, Maryam, Samuele, Fega, Raihil, Mattia, Finlay, Mairead, Beckett, Ailbhe and Olivia

The Eco-Warriors main role in the school is to make our school more eco friendly, finding more creative ways to recycle and improve our sustainability around the school.