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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! Our class names are Rosa Parks and Lucy Bronze Klasse. On this page you will find a breakdown of the learning for each term. You will also be able to find information about key dates and upcoming events for the year group.


PE day – Friday

Supporting Your Child at Home

Please find below a link to videos from White Rose to help your children at home with their Maths work.


Supporting Your Child With Phonics at Home

Please see the videos below to help support your child with phonics. 



These videos introduce how to add two 1-digit numbers together using concrete objects as well as a pictorial representation alongside it. Using concrete objects helps the children to understand the value of each number and that when counting the objects altogether, the total becomes larger. You don’t have to use maths resources for the children to understand addition. Objects around the home, for example dried pasta, pencils or cups will be just as beneficial. The part-part whole model used in the video, supports the children in understanding that two (or more) parts added together make a whole (total) – this model is used throughout the school and will help support the children in future maths topics.










Here is a short video with some advice about writing with your children at home. This video focuses on the enjoyment of writing and the different purposes for writing.