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Support for Parents and Carers

Support for parents and carers

Dear Parents,


We know now is a difficult time and we don't just want to support the children with their learning on this platform but also offer support and guidance that you may find to be useful for yourself as an adult.


Below you will find a list of resources which may help you during this period:

WeMeditate - Live, streamed, guided meditation

Chatterpack ideas for anyone isolated at home.

Restorative Thinking and Positive Relationships: Preventing and Managing Conflict

Co-Parenting in a Pandemic: 12 Tips for Healthy Conflict Resolution

Suddenly Homeschooling - A message from a veteran homeschooling parent.

Designing a Structure to your day at home.

How Coding Provides Skills That Can Help Children Cope With Distress


Video- How to keep children engaged at home

Survival tips for Parents

Symptom Checker - Worried about your child's mental well-being or learning development, use this 

                                  CHILDMIND tool to find out more!


 Ideas for Offline Learning for Your Child

 Coping With Tantrums and Challenging Behaviour

 Self Care in the Time of Coronavirus